We started streaming talk shows radio programs back on 2007

In June of 2010…

Vision 1 Radio was born.

V1R was designed to be a community radio to support the local Hispanic American businesses and their families in the state of Washington, with positive and uplifting talk radio.

An amazing being called “Chui” was one of our first sponsors.

Chui was,  and it is a kid’s show that goes from 7:30PM to 8PM

Monday thru Friday empowering the children from ages 4 to 90 to go to bed in “excellence”.

To achieve this “excellence” the families are invited to perform four exercises before going to bed.

This will ensure that the family will retire for the day in harmony and with less interference generating a better night sleep.

We did partner with a lot of production companies and other radio stations to be able to achieve these awesome tasks.

The vision of this radio station is and will always be to empower the families and help them to connect and create balance in their lives.

V1’s mission is to be the bridge that will not only connect the Hispanic community to others, but to be the bridge to stop the chain of disconnection within humanity.

If it’s true that humans share the same DNA as Trees with the exclusion of the genotype, now we know that we are “one”, one entity together.Then, the mission of unity is simple. It will take time and hard work, but with your help we will create stronger communities making this possible soon..

Vision 1 Radio
Time Has Come Today To Transform